" h o m e "

a b o u t - o u r - p r o d u c t s

…Refined, natural, simple, classic – sustainable. These are just a few words that describe our product, our approach, and the island after which we are named. Bainbridge Blues draws its inspiration from the life-style of Bainbridge Island: rural in character, charming and old- fashioned, environmentally conscious and sophisticated.

Bainbridge Blues has designed a collection of fabrics for your home, woven from 100% natural, environmentally friendly fibers starting with hemp. Our textiles are simple and approachable with a fresh look at a traditional color palette. Bainbridge Blues' fabrics, color schemes and pattern styles are specifically coordinated from one collection to the next.

Bainbridge Blues' heirloom quality textiles are designed on Bainbridge Island, woven in Italy.

Buy classic, buy quality, buy less, live simply, live well ….

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